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February 2009

Our latest video piece

Here is the latest piece we have made combining my Tagtool drawing with video captured film clips. It is in two sections but is intended to be seen as one continuous piece.



The film clips come from our collection of Super8 found footage and the music is from the CD, HEX, by the Orkest de Volharding, a Dutch orchestra which specialises in performing contemporary music and regularly commissions new works. The track that I chose to use is entitled ‘Air’ and is by the Polish composer, Hanna Kulenty. This piece was commissioned by the orchestra in 1991. (I wrote to the composer asking her permission to use this music but did not get a reply so I hope that if she sees this blog she will not object to my use of her work.)

Three black and white heads

Here are three black and white tagtool drawings I did yesterday.  In the first I set the transparency slider about half way down while in the other two it is set at total opacity.  This made an enormous difference to the quality of the drawn line and although I was aware of this from earlier experiments, I think working in black and white makes it more pronounced.    ‘Corrections’ in the second two drawings were made by setting the tagtool to black removing lines I didn’t want and drawing into the white areas,  which gives almost a woodcut or lino cut print effect that I quite like and will experiment with more in the future.

Some stills from our recent Tagtool sessions

Here are a few still images from recent drawing sessions. Some of the footage that I have used to ‘draw over’ is from a 16mm black and white film we shot last summer and we have also used some found footage, in both colour and black and white, from our Super8 film collection.  All of the film footage has been put through our EdirolV4 video mixer and colourised and in these studio sessions we always work with music to accompany the drawing process.   We have been using CDs given to us by friends who are musicians.