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March 2009

More black and white drawings

Here are some photos from our latest Tagtool session.


Taking photos directly off the big screen with my small digital camera  doesn’t result in very good quality images unfortunately.  But I am very interested in the range of effects that can be achieved by superimposing  black and white Tagtool drawing over our film footage processed through the Edirol mixer and  I intend to do some more of this.  In a later posting I hope to have some better photos and also some video clips of this work.

Some recent images

Last week Dima was away from home and without his input I found it quite distracting having to switch between setting up the video clips, operating the mixer, doing the drawing and using the gamepad all by myself.  But it was interesting to work alone and I took some photos of these sessions from the TV screen which of course gives a completely different quality of image.  The first photo below was taken from the big screen to show the difference between the projector and TV images.

These photos are from the same sessions but captured directly from the computer.