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June 2009

Young Tagtool Artist

Here is Max’s artwork!

The Tagtool is a favourite with all our visitors so I thought that instead of posting more of my own experiments I’d show the work of our youngest visitor to do some drawing. Max is six now and got a puppy for his birthday – a two month old Jack Russell terrier – so it was no surprise that, after being shown how the sliders and gamepad worked and having fun making lots of multicoloured squiggles, he selected a bold red and made this portrait of his new dog.

He got the hang of using the gamepad instantly and quickly discovered that he could make shadows and cover himself in colour by running between the projector beam and the wall.

But he soon returned to making a succession of ‘real’ pictures.

My personal favourite is this portrait of his dad playing the drums!

Video – After the rain

After my recent experiments in monochrome I decided to return to full colour and drawing over film footage put through the mixer for this piece. I shot the ‘background’ using my old digital still camera on the movie mode (very lo-fi!). We used our new (much brighter) projector which really makes an enormous difference to the colour quality of the projected images. While I was doing the drawing Dima took the stills (with his good camera!) shot with a time lapse of five seconds per shot. Dima manipulated the resulting images to make the video and I then recorded the sound track. The whole thing is very much a first experiment – but we plan to make some more of these little clips.