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November 2010

Tagtool meets VVVV

Dima has just returned from the Node10 Forum for Digital Arts in Frankfurt where he was enrolled on the week long workshop on projection mapping.

He used this Tagtool animation as a texture to map on some blocks of polystyrene. The photo below shows the studio set up for this workshop with the two course tutors, Chris Plant and Elliot Woods in the foreground.He learned a lot about vvvv in the workshop and found the Node10 Forum extremely interesting. Now he is planning to build a small environment in a corner of our studio on which to practise what he has learned about projection mapping. Although this is all very spectacular I think I will just stick to the drawing……

The First Tagtool Wedding!

This is a VERY SPECIAL posting. Malu and Maki got married!

After the wedding ceremony in the beautiful and historic Schloss Atzenbrugg, family and friends got together for an evening of serious partying at Gasthof Pree in nearby Asperhofen. At Gasthof Pree the food and drink was superb; there was wedding cake, champagne, music and dancing all night long – and of course, lots of Tagtooling. In between all this eating, drinking, dancing and drawing I did manage to remember to take some photos – as usual, many of them out of focus….why does this always happen at parties, I wonder? The photos below show some of my drawings from the Tagtool session at the beginning of the evening.The newly-weds lead the dancing!In this set of photos I am drawing and Holger is doing the animation.

In the next part of the evening’s entertainment, with Philip seated at the piano, Christian took up the microphone….with maki and iink on Tagtool, cue the appearance of a very special wedding guest – Hilti!I was sorry that I didn’t take any video of this performance, but instead here is a little collage of Hilti photos. Look closely and you can see that Hilti has the wedding rings…After this performance it was time for a Tagtool open session – and then the partying continued until dawn!Definitely a night to remember!