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February 2011

Tagtool in Austria 2

For our second evening jam session I asked Dima to adjust the projectors so that our drawing area would be larger. This was not a problem, but then videoing the session was not so easy as one of our camera lenses was wide angle and the other not wide enough to capture the whole drawing area. So – the video for this session had some problems but fortunately Dima took some still photos as well. Here is a selection.The two photos below show a nice example of the interesting effect that can be achieved using a very slight fade to produce a transparent version of a previously solid image.Here is another short sequence.And here is the ‘final scene’ from our jam session.

Tagtool in Austria

We have just returned from a short visit to the ‘home’ of the Tagtool as guests of OMA International at the Wassergasse in Tulln. Of course we took our Tagtool and projectors with us so, as well as hearing all the latest Tagtool news, our visit provided me with an opportunity to have a couple of nice jam sessions with Maki.


The room in which Dima set up our two projectors was not very large so our drawing area was much smaller than I am used to at home but once we began to draw I found it not too difficult to adjust to this more intimate scale. Although we captured the sessions in our computers the clip above is made from the video Dima captured in his camera. Dima was unable to use the computer captured material because all the areas of transparent colour that we had used in the session rendered as solid in the session manager (this is something that is important to remember if you use transparent colour and want to render a session!)Dima took these photos of us at work. I have included the two below as they show how Dima set up the two projectors and his camera to record the session as well as us at our Tagtool workstations.