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April 2011

Our Projector Bombing Videos

Dima was so busy managing the equipment that he didn’t take many photos on the two evenings that we went projector bombing with the Red Bull car during the Lunchmeat Festival – but he was able to shoot some video on the first night when it wasn’t raining. It’s all a bit shaky and hand held but I think it captures really well the atmosphere of working with the Tagtool outside. The first clip is from the roof terrace session at DOX.[vimeo]The two clips below were shot outside the cinema BIO OKO and the club/gallery Roxy/NOD in the centre of Prague. While I was drawing we had a DJ operating the sound system in the Red Bull car, but Dima has used these two tracks by Mihaly Vig, ‘Valuska’ and ‘Oskigyo’ for the videos.[vimeo]
[vimeo] The festival organisers are making an official video of the whole event, which should also include some footage of our Saturday night performance at the Meetfactory. When this comes out I will post a link on the blog.