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April 2012

At Prague Writers Festival

The Lunchmeat crew, who provided the stage design and visual mapping for this big annual event held at the New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague, asked us to do some live Tagtool drawing on Sunday 15 April to accompany the performance by Monika Načeva of the two poems ‘Some Trees’ and ‘Anticipated Stranger’ (in a Czech translation) by the American poet John Ashbery. Although we arrived to set up our equipment in the afternoon there wasn’t enough time for me to have a proper rehearsal or discussion about the drawing I would do to accompany the poems. I got a copy in the original English of the two poems to read only about an hour before the performance began – so my drawing was very much an improvisation!
Here is a short video that Dima made – unfortunately it is rather dark and doesn’t show all of Monika Načeva’s peformance.
As this part of the programme was entitled ‘A tribute to John Ashbery’, with his poems being introduced and read in English by Tim Wright, I was a little embarrassed that my small visual contribution was so thoroughly unprepared!

Tagtool in Kristianstad – videos

Here are two videos of our Kristianstad performances on 11 and 12 April.
This one, from the 12 April, is by photographer Fredrik Grönwall (a number of whose photos I have used in my two previous postings) and was sent to us by Torjus Wrangell from Barbacka. To Frederick – a big ‘thankyou’ for your documentation of this event!

The video below is also from the second evening’s performance. We don’t know who made it as we just ‘found’ it on YouTube – so ‘thankyou!’ to the member of the Thursday night audience who made and posted it.

I don’t know if anyone took any video on the first evening (Wednesday 11 April) – but if so it would be nice to see it….
We really enjoyed our trip to Sweden and Tagtooling at this great location for outdoor drawing in Kristianstad – despite the rain!

Performances in Kristianstad, Sweden – Part 2

For our second evening performance Torjus and Dima rigged up overhead cables so that we could position one projector on the other side of the street from our gazebo and get a projection area which, as the test image on the left shows, would cover all of the taller building.
By the evening the sky had clouded over, so instead of just mounting this projector on a tripod positioned on the pavement we fed the overhead cables through the window of our parked van and put the projector inside – which worked really well and turned out to be a very wise decision, as during the course of the evening it began to rain heavily.
But as the photos above show, the rain didn’t deter the audience from standing in the street to watch the whole performance!

Having this larger projection area covering the taller building was really great!

It allowed me more scope to develop my drawing and it was also easier to link images between the two projection areas.I was also able to incorporate the ‘real’ architecture into my drawing, making it into ruins with an archway where the shadow cast by a TV dish became a ball with a figure balancing on it…. which was great fun to do, and much more interesting than merely projecting on to a flat surface! To end the evening I drew this sequence of big black and white heads.
While I was able to shelter from the rain under the gazebo the audience was not so lucky, but even so people were taking photos with their mobiles…...and after the performance there was a lot of interest in the Tagtool with a number of people patiently waiting in the rain to ‘have a go’.

As well as having lots of photos from this visit to Kristianstad, I also have video of our performances which I will put in my next posting.

Performances in Kristianstad, Sweden, Part 1

We were invited by Torjus Wrangell from the Barbacka Cultural Centre to do two outdoor Tagtool performances on the gable ends of buildings on a nice big corner site directly opposite Kristianstad art gallery and museum. This was a great location and an excellent opportunity for some large scale drawing!

The photos on the left show musician Leo, from the group Autotes, who accompanied our drawing.
And as you can see from the collage of photos below, Torjus and his crew were extremely well organised and professional, helping us to get everything set up and ready for our evening performances. We really did need all these gazebos to shelter the Tagtool and music equipment – by the time darkness fell it was raining hard!Torjus had asked photographer Fredrik Grönwall to document both evening performances and I also remembered to take a few photos when I wasn’t busy drawing, so now I have plenty of visual material to choose from for the blog.
Despite the wet weather a small audience gathered to see the projections and a reporter arrived also to do an interview and take photos for the local paper.
The photo above shows one of the Super8 film projections Dima made to accompany my drawing and below is a still from one of the short films by Skane film-maker, Anders Weberg that Torjus showed in the ‘interval’ between drawings.
These photos are from my final sequence of drawing on one of the buildings. Somehow, it seemed appropriate to end with a wintry scene to match the dark and wet evening!
In the photos below – the next morning the Kristianstad newspaper had this big photo (on the front page!) and inside a feature article about the Tagtool with more photos from our first evening performance – which was great publicity for our second evening performance!.


On Friday 6 April we took over the Trafo Gallery in Prague for one night of art, music, and Tagtool performances. Our artist and musician friends from London, Berlin and Vienna who were staying with us for our spring party weekend joined with friends from Prague at this event which was part exhibition, part concert/performance and part just a good old- fashioned party!
Everyone lent a hand to set up all the equipment, put in place the installations and get ready for the evening performances – and soon the gallery was completely full of electronics, instruments and cables – as Dima said, ‘Look, it’s an installation already – with people!’

I didn’t take many photos for the blog during the evening and, as usual, most of them were not very good but I hope that this selection will provide at least some kind of record. (Note to self – next time don’t forget the documentation!)

Two ‘real’ installations, above by Ernst Altmann and below by Bego di Santiago.

These photos show Aldryn and Ade’s very interesting installation/projection in which they combined the video from this fish tank with Ade’s Tagtool drawing.

Below is one of my (unfortunately not very good!) photos that shows their visuals accompanying the performance by Berlin-based Metrobeat Allstars.
For their projections, Stefanie and Damian used old Super8 found footage.

The musical events of the evening began with performances by three of our friends from Vienna – Margaret Unknown, Idklang and Kajkyt.
And here is one of my better photos – Olivia Pils’ performance as ‘Fakemistress’ with Schmacke, from Berlin with my Tagtool drawing in the background.
Below is my visual for the finale of the performance by K.U.N.T.Z., a band with whom we have done Tagtool performances on a number of occasions.
Then it was partytime for all – DJs Stevie Weenie and Rubbergums at the helm!
It seemed like everyone who came to ‘Transformania!’ had a good time – so a big ‘thankyou’ to everyone who took part, to all our artist and musician friends, to the Lunchmeat crew who helped Dima with the preparations and, last and most definitely not least, to our ‘soundman’ Jakub.
And to end this post, here are some of Dragan’s photos of my Tagtooling…

April Tagtool Events

Although I haven’t done any postings for a week or two it is not because we haven’t been Tagtooling – I just haven’t had time to write up the blog and I now have lots of photos to sort through from our recent work!

I will be doing some postings in the next few days (I hope!)
Here is a summary of our Tagtool activities for this month.

Friday 6 April – our big spring event – ‘Transformania!’ in Prague.
Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 April – Outdoor Tagtool performances in Kristianstad, Sweden.
Sunday 15 to Tuesday 17 April – Tagtool performances at the Writers’ Festival in Prague.

So – more postings ARE coming soon!