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August 2012

Birthday party drawings

All this week K.U.N.T.Z. are recording in the studio so next week I should have lots of new material to post. But meantime – yesterday it was Jan’s birthday so after their recording session, Jan and David stopped work and made a big Austrian feast in the kitchen. We finished off the evening jamming in the studio with a crate of beer and an old-school Tagtool session…
And no, Jan does not have two heads – it’s just my bad photography! This time I really excelled myself by managing to take all the photos of my drawings out of focus – but I’ll finish off this post with two of the not so bad ones anyway…
We had a lot of fun, but now it is work, work, work for the rest of the week!

Ethno HISTeRIA – Tagtool videos

Dima made the three video clips below from the performance we gave at Gračišće on Saturday 14 July. I am drawing and the music is by the band K.U.N.T.Z. (Jan Linke and David Obenaus,our friends from Vienna).
Jan and David are musicians that we have worked with on many occasions; I am familiar with their music and they are familiar with my imagery……but for our performances nothing is really ‘planned’ in advance so every time something different happens!

Concert in Koper, Slovenia

Losing the key of our van meant that we had to spend an extra week in Slovenia waiting to get a new one. This turned out to be a very happy accident! We enjoyed a few lazy days’ holiday by the sea and also were invited to contribute Tagtool visuals at an open air concert to be given as part of the Alpe Adria PUF Festival at Circolo in the historic port of Koper. This was a very nice venue in an interesting courtyard location as can be seen in this photo that I took during the soundcheck in the afternoon while Dima was setting up our projectors.For this concert we had another two Tagtool setting; our dual head with two projectors focussing on the ruined building behind the stage and a third projector (mounted sideways) to cover the full height of the white wall of the Circolo building. I made this collage of the musicians Sabiha Kahn and Nika Solce Mihevc (voice), Ivan Jadresic (sitar), Vinayak Netke (tabla) and Matija Solce (accordion) from photos that Dima took during the performance.It was a superb concert – the music was so engaging that I kept on wanting to stop drawing and just sit back and listen……
It wasn’t easy to develop my drawing simultaneously on the two (very different) surfaces behind and to the side of the stage while at the same time providing a coherent background for the musicians’ performance. Needless to say I didn’t take any photos during the performance but Dima made a sound recording and video and here are some of his photos of my drawings to end this posting.First I ‘added’ some shadowy figures on the balcony of the ruined building…..…and swirls of leaves and a tall red tree on the white wall next to the stage… ….then some more shadowy figures in the background and girls coming out of the forest.

I really enjoyed the concert – and obviously the audience did too, demanding an encore and then as the musicians left the stage continuing to clap for more…