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January 2013

Tagtool at Galerie Tiskárna

This BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) one night event was organised by VJ Luper (Nicola Pavone) in Galerie Tiskárna , a newly established exhibition/event space under the roof of this architecturally most interesting building in the centre of Prague – an ideal location to set up a multitude of projections.IMG_8445Above – setting up projectors in the afternoon. Nic had created a central stage area for the musicians and DJs surrounded by sheets of semi-transparent plastic sheeting on which I was to do the ‘oldschool’ Tagtool drawing, while the Tagtool for iPad multiplayer sessions would be shown on one of the adjacent walls.IMG_8453This was a really good opportunity to display the complete Tagtool project in the one location and for people to try out the new iPad Tagtool for themselves. As the collage of photos below shows, this proved to be extremely popular!Collage24Using the three iPads, the groups of people who queued up to ‘have a go’ using the iPad Tagtool soon produced a kaleidoscope of vibrantly coloured moving images – a continuous multiplayer session that lasted all night!

This was the first time that I had experimented with drawing on this type of semi-transparent plastic using the ‘oldschool’ Tagtool.IMG_8468It was a very interesting, and different, experience from working on an opaque screen, wall or other solid surface – the stronger and more brightly coloured images appeared on the ‘back’ of the plastic while the image that I could see from the position where I was drawing was much softer and more diffused.Collages26On this material it was really only possible to use opaque colour or black and white for drawing as any line or shape soon became invisible on the ‘front’ of the plastic sheet whenever I used the transparency slider.IMG_8486I made a number of different drawings during the evening then photographed them from both sides of the plastic and different angles. Here is a selection.Collage26
IMG_8489IMG_8520This photo below of my computer monitor shows just how much the projected images – the ones the audience could see – differed from my Tagtool drawing.IMG_8528IMG_8530IMG_8538IMG_8532IMG_8522As it was a very long night of drawing for me I was very happy to be able to hand over the pen to Chann (Jan Linke) to do some drawing. I took the photos in the collage below of his session then went to look at some of the other projections. Collage27The event was very well attended and there was a great party atmosphere….IMG_8542So, to end this post, here are three photos from my final drawing session.IMG_8539IMG_8541BYOB

Happy New Tagtool Year!

NewdonkeysWe have had a lot of fun recently making these Donkey masks for the video we are working on as part of the promotional material for the song cycle ‘Animals’ – so, to welcome in the New Year’s drawing projects on the blog, I decided to continue the donkey theme with this little Tagtool for iPad (1)First I drew these two donkeys….photo (2)Then in successive layers I put in the small figure they are watching….photo (3)Then finally, by switching to the Tagtool animation mode, I was able to make the small figure move! The stills above are screenshots from the iPad but in order to make the video below I used my little Canon IXUS camera to capture the drawing sequence directly from the screen (which is why it is a bit shaky!).
I had to make several attempts to get the small figure’s arm to swing and I found it difficult to get the walking movement to look really convincing but I think that this was in part because I had drawn the figure so small that even using the Tagtool’s zoom mode it wasn’t easy to animate the limbs accurately.
Next time I will do better!