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February 2013

More photos from BLEM Fest

Here are some photos from VJ Luper’s BLEM Fest album which has lots of great photos of all the installations and performances at Tiskárna – do check it out!
I’ve selected the ones for this blog post that show our ‘Tagtool corner’.
In the one below, here we are drawing at our Tagtools…..223551_481378001926743_1737612285_nAnd here are some shots of our work …..858244_482715228459687_383759336_o59725_481378011926742_348216154_n563055_481378065260070_671694253_n860626_482715128459697_1689455922_oAnd last, but not least, here are some photos of Jan and Dima, with my Tagtool drawing in the background, giving their performance, ‘Donkeys play Cards’.860202_482715655126311_595879105_o149984_481378711926672_104611951_n154867_481378768593333_103718313_n830239_482715685126308_2106675515_oWe are interested in doing more performances like this, combining masked actors with Tagtool drawing – but as can be seen in the photo above, first of all I must finish the donkey masks with brown cloth to cover the back of the heads so that the boys’ necks and hair don’t show when they turn sideways to the camera!

At NoPro BLEM Fest, Prague

We were back in Prague on Friday 9 February for another evening of Tagtooling at Galerie Tiskárna. At this event we had a corner all to ourselves at the other end of the gallery from the main stage where we were able to make a big installation using a set-up consisting of three projectors and two Tagtools.Collages27The photos above show the odd angles and sloping walls of this fifth floor attic gallery space – presenting very interesting and complex possibilities for Tagtool drawing! We decided to make our installation in the form of a triptych, using the sloping corner walls for the central panel and making two semi-transparent vertical surfaces on either side by suspending several layers of net curtains from the ceiling. These two ‘wings’ were Chann’s Tagtool canvas; I used the second Tagtool to draw on the central panel. The donkey heads were laid out on a small table in the corner with the papier-mâché crow on its stand suspended from the ceiling above, in readiness for the short performance by K.U.N.T.Z. Zirkus, ‘Donkeys play Cards’, which was scheduled for later in the evening.IMG_8559IMG_8565As it was difficult for me to capture the whole projection with my small camera, above are two photos that I took of my drawings at the beginning of the evening and below is a drawing by Chann on one of the semi-transparent side panels.IMG_8571
Some wider shots of our installation can be seen in the photos below….
IMG_8600BLEM_selected…and here is a close-up shot of the crow and donkey heads.IMG_8576
There were so many people crowded around Chann and Dima’s, ‘Donkeys play Cards’ performance that it was very difficult for me to see to draw or to take photos. In the photo below I used flash (by mistake!)…IMG_8630 …and in this one (without flash) it is possible to see my background drawing.IMG_8633After Chann and Dima’s performance was over there was time for me to do some more drawings – so to end this post here are two more photos….IMG_8641IMG_8645There were a lot of different projections and performances at this BLEM Fest – so when we were not drawing we were able to join the large and enthusiastic audience to enjoy some of the other events during the evening!