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October 2013

Tagtool performance in Písek

‘Světlo v ulicích’ is the title of Písek’s festival of light and we were invited to do live Tagtool drawing on the courthouse building (below) in the main square.
Above – Dima preparing cameras and the Tagtool while the Lunchmeat crew set up the sound system and mount the projector on top of the van for the performance, which was scheduled to begin at 7 pm. The event was very well organised with part of the car-park already cordoned off for us when we arrived.So many people arrived early when we were testing the equipment that I had to do the drawings above to announce the start time of the performance. By 7 pm the whole square was full of people and there were big crowds standing in the street leading to it as well – I think it is perhaps the largest audience I have ever seen for an outdoor Tagtool performance!(The organisers estimated that there were about 2000 people but because I was busy drawing and everyone watching was behind me, I was hardly aware of the audience!) Here are some photos that Dima took of my drawings.

As well as taking the photos above, Dima made two videos of the performance, an ‘arty’ one using his home-made circular capture camera rig that shows both the projection and whole of the square, and a ‘straight’ one using his Panasonic GH2 camera showing my Tagtool drawing on the courthouse building.


So – big thanks to Lunchmeat for organising this really great performance opportunity for us and also to the crew for driving us to and from the event and ensuring that everything went so smoothly!

Tagtool at Transformania!

Lunchmeat‘s club NEONE was the venue for the Transformania Festival this year – which proved to be a really good location for night that was packed with music, performances, projections and a lot of good old-fashioned partying! With performances from our musician and artist friends from Berlin, Leipzig, Vienna and Rotterdam as well as friends from Prague – it was a very big programme, beginning at 7 pm and continuing until the early hours…
Of course the party would not have been complete without some Tagtooling – both old-school and Tagtool for iPad. Below – here I am drawing with Maki, using our iPads to provide the visuals for the Austrian band, Her Mit Der Frucht!
Later in the evening I used my old Tagtool all-in-one. In this photo Schmacke and Olivia are preparing for their Fakemasters and Fakemistress performance.I don’t have any photos for the blog of the performance itself – which is a pity… But later in the evening Dima did take some photos showing the Tagtool drawing I did to accompany the set with K.U.N.T.Z. and friends. Here is a selection.
Above – Jan and David began the set with ‘The Cat’ from their song cycle ‘Hexentiere’ and then they led a jam session with everyone joining in the fun.

During the evening I was too busy either drawing or partying to take photos of all the performances but this posting on the blog is an opportunity for me to say a big ‘thank you!’ to everyone who worked so hard to make this year’s Transformania Festival such a very enjoyable event.

3D Projection Drawing in Prague

This was the first public outing for Dima’s new controller and software for stereoscopic 3D drawing, with a performance on the street organised by our friends from Lunchmeat as part of the Prague Signals Festival. We prepared the 3D sequence for the occasion beforehand but we also set up the oldschool Tagtool to announce the event and do some freestyle 2D drawing as well.Below – Lunchmeat’s big 10000 lumens projector on the roof of our van….…and this is Forma busy setting up their music equipment.The office building we had chosen for the projection was closed for the evening but official permission had not been given for the event to take place so it was not possible to ask for the lights to be put out (which did happen, but only halfway through the performance, spoiling somewhat the 3D effect in the first drawing sequence). We also had to delay the start of the performance until the 3D glasses for the audience arrived but despite these problems the event attracted a large number of people (and fortunately no policemen!)
The 3D part of the performance was entitled, ‘Dreamscape in three Movements’ – Childhood Idyll, Urban Nightmare and Apocalyptic Dream.

The full moon added an extra touch of drama to the urban nightmare!

After the performance people took off their 3D glasses but the crowds didn’t disperse so while Forma continued to play I started to draw again, this time in 2D, and had fun doing some oldschool Tagtooling.

I have to thank our friend Joost van Veen for taking some iPhone photos at the event – as usual most of mine were not very good! But if you have blue/cyan glasses you can now view in 3D our videos of ‘Dreamscape in three Movements’.
And lastly – a very big thank you to our friends from Lunchmeat for once again arranging everything for us and ensuring that the performance was a success! Also – they have published a very nice set of photos documenting the event – press here for the link.
Now we are looking forward to further collaborations with Forma – and more 3D performances in the future……

Tagtool at Strakonice

The location for this performance on Saturday 5 October was the building of the former Fezka Textile Works in Strakonice – a very large and impressive industrial complex, now closed, in the centre of this town in the south of the Czech Republic. Because this was such a very large building we used two projectors, the smaller and brighter one projecting on the gatehouse of the factory and the big short throw projector, which gives a less bright image, covering the rest of the building. (Although the photo below that I took with my little camera does slightly exaggerate this difference in brightness.)Local DJ DxTech909 supplied the sound for the performance – which was really great….….and a lot of people came to see the show.Our Tagtool performance acted as an introduction to the town’s ‘Day of Architecture’ events on Sunday, which unfortunately we could not stay to see – but thanks to Martin who organised everything for us we had a most enjoyable, although far too short, visit to Strakonice!
To end this post – a few more of Dima’s photos from the performance….