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November 2013

At Alternativa 2013

The Czech Band Vložte kočku were presenting their new album SEAT at a concert at HooDoo Music Club in Prague as part of the Alternativa Festival.
The album is out now on Soundcloud – do check it out here.It was the first time that we had worked with the band so for this performance, to go with their new material, we decided to do something a bit different from our usual Tagtool drawing. Dima made a lot of video clips in black and white in which he combined found footage with material he shot using his circular video camera rig. Below – stills from three of these ‘circular’ videos that, together with the (figurative) found footage, were to form the ‘background’ for my drawing.At the performance I did live Tagtool drawing in monochrome on top of this underlying video but unfortunately this meant that we were too busy, me drawing and Dima manipulating the video clips, to able to take any photos. But Honza Kebrdle, who was making a video of the concert for the festival, very kindly made a copy for us so I could have some screen shots for my blog.

A lot of the screen shots are rather dark but in the one below the video, which can’t be seen in most of the photos, shows up quite clearly and the contrast is plainly visible between the drawn and photographic images.
But not all of my drawing was figurative ….
…and here my drawing, which appears partly on the ‘surface’ and in part is ‘cutting through’ to the video beneath, combines with it to complete the image.

There are two upcoming concerts where we will be providing more visuals for Vložte kočku – in Vienna at Club B72 on 8 December and in Jablonec on 10 December.

At The Devil’s Masquerade Ball

The theme of this masked ball took its inspiration from the scene of Great Ball at Satan’s in the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, ‘The Master and Margarita’.The brick-vaulted basement of the Lucky Lucky Bar is long and narrow with the stage at one end but there was plenty space for drawing on the curved side wall.
The distortion of the drawing caused by this curved surface when seen from an oblique angle didn’t matter at all – it just added to the spooky atmosphere….
In keeping with the theme of the ball, the dress code for guests was black and white and a lot of people came in costume. As you can see in the photos below, as well as drawing, this was a great opportunity for me to make a devil mask for Dima to wear, and also some devilish makeup and small horns for myself!I did a lot of drawing during the evening, most but not all, in black and white, in keeping with the ‘infernal’ theme of the event. Below are some photos….

Live music at the event was provided by Duchess & The Kittens….
….and there was also a spectacular Fire Show by members of Tribo Fuego!I joined the audience to see the Fire Show but then went back to my Tagtool to do some more drawings. I decided to use colour just for a change…
….and then I did more drawings in monochrome.

And, no, it wasn’t snowing when we set off for home at 4 am!