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December 2013

At NoD Gallery, Prague – 12 December

A great location with white painted walls – ideal for some serious Tagtooling!This event, featuring DJ Andy Votel (Finders Keepers Records), provided a great opportunity for me to have a really fun evening of freestyle drawing.
Below are four photos from my first drawing sequence of the evening.Then I ‘covered up’ these heads with a lot of abstract mark-making, drawing in time to the rhythm of the music…….and added some silhouettes of dancers.During the evening Dima took lots of photos – here is a selection.
I drew some more heads……and a scary witch….…then something brighter to provide a ‘happy ending’ to the evening’s drawing!

Three concerts with Vložte kočku

On 8 December the band performed their new album at Club B72 in Vienna. This quite small venue is built up on two levels underneath some railway arches.Above – Dima installing the Tagtool on the balcony upstairs for the visuals. He only needed to use one of our projectors to cover the small screen behind the band on the stage. The two photos below show well the set up with our visuals behind the band, as seen from the balcony and from ground level downstairs.
While I was drawing and Dima was busy manipulating the underlying video Seppi very kindly took lots of photos – here’s a selection below.

In the second half of the programme Seppi and I got ready to do a Tagtool for iPad multiplayer session to accompany the Austrian band Neonstream….….but because their bass player took ill just before the concert began the two other band members decided to play a different set of improvisations for their performance. Having no idea of what the musicians were going play made me very nervous, but Seppi’s Tagtool for iPad animation skills really saved the day, and it turned out to be very enjoyable session – as I hope these photos show!


At the concert in Jablonec on 10 December at Klub Na Rampě, which was a much bigger venue than B72 in Vienna, Vložte kočku were the sole performers.The width of the stage in this club enabled us to use two short throw projectors with our dual head and set up a wide screen behind the band for the visuals.The raised area at the back of the auditorium was ideal for our Tagtool and video set up – for once I didn’t have to stand on a box to see what I was drawing over the heads of the audience and Dima had plenty of room to set up his video camera too! I’ll post Dima’s video later but meantime here is a still to show the wide screen set up – which was really our preferred format for the visuals.


On 11 December Vložte kočku played at the opening of the Cena EXIT 2013 exhibition organised by the Design Department of J. E. Purkynje University. This event took place at the Galerie Emila Filly in an interesting old industrial building in Ústí nad Labem. The white-painted room where the concert took place had big windows, no stage and was quite small, but it had a very high ceiling with an enormous and very beautiful chandelier in the centre. Once the windows were covered by a large white canvas we were able to project on the whole wall behind the band and Dima set up a second projector so that I could make a little Tagtool for iPad animation on the ceiling around the chandelier.Several of the students were unfamiliar with the Tagtool and were interested in it, so I did this quick drawing while the band were having their sound check.

Dima took a lot of video at these concerts. He’s not quite finished editing it so I will put it in my next posting!

Alternativa Festival 2013 – Video

This was the first time that we have made the visuals to accompany Vložte kočku’s performance of their new album, SEAT.
Dima had planned to record all of the concert but unfortunately he was only able to make this short video clip because for most of the performance people in the audience who were standing in front of the stage completely obscured his view.

Vložte kočku are performing this album on Sunday 8 December at Club B72 in Vienna and again we will be doing the accompanying live visuals. In the same programme Maki and I will be doing Tagtool drawing for the Austrian band Neonstream – so to see both ‘oldschool’ Tagtool and Tagtool for iPad ‘in action’, do come along to Club B72 on Hernalser Gürtel Bogen in Vienna on Sunday!