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April 2014

Another concert with Vložte kočku

Tagtooling again with the band last Saturday at ‘pop up’ club Blink, in Prague….
P1050632When we arrived in the afternoon to set up our equipment we found that the club’s own projector and screen were far too small for my Tagtool drawing and the whole wall behind the stage was black, so we had immediately to find and put up some white cloth, get ladders and rig up our bigger projector (thank you Ondra so much for helping to solve this problem!). With this wide screen set up we decided to do the visuals using a combination of my Tagtool drawing and Dima’s prepared video which I could draw over and then reveal during the performance. Everything went according to plan until halfway through the set Dima’s computer malfunctioned – always a risk with these live performances!P1050635Fortunately, while Dima struggled to restart the computer, the lighting guys saved the day and in a few minutes I was able to to start drawing again.P1050640