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August 2014

Open air concert in Prague

On Thursday we were at Rohansky Ostrov on the bank of the Vltava where Vložte kočku were giving an open air concert. It was a very good location, with this very big tree making an impressive backdrop to the stage.Dima and Peter spent the afternoon installing and programming the lights…and my Tagtool was set up to project on this large tree to one side of the stage. I took these photos with my new camera, a Lumix GF2, which Dima assured me, ‘will give you much better quality photos and video in low light situations – and also has an ‘Intelligent mode’ button so you won’t need to fiddle about getting the settings right when you are documenting performances.’ Great! I began to draw as soon as it started to get dark and took lots of photos between drawings but I’m sorry to say that the results revealed that as well as using the Intelligent camera mode it is necessary for the photographer to be in intelligent mode as well… most of my photos were completely black or out of focus, but here are three that at least give some idea of the setting. I was very disappointed!

Dima set up his camera to video the band but he also took photos and made a video of my Tagtool drawing. As usual, his photos are much better than mine….
This is Dima’s video of my drawing on the tree – of course these images could only be seen clearly by people who were standing in front of me, from other positions they would appear as moving abstract patterns among the leaves.