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November 2014

At WUK/Projektraum, Vienna

The WUK Projektraum was an ideal location for this event. It was billed as a ‘celebration of the evolution of the Tagtool’ – and this is exactly what it was!The evening began with Maki making an illustrated presentation of the brand new Tagtool for iPad. The OMAi team have been testing it on their recent American tour (running workshops for young people in Greensboro, North Carolina as well as giving outdoor performances at a number of different locations, one of which is shown in the photo below).This exciting new Tagtool development, which looks like it will be really great for animation as well as for making ‘instant’ short movies, seems like a lot of fun! It will be available from the applestore from 19 December (and the best news of all – it will be a FREE app!) At the end of the presentation the whole OMAi team came on stage and received a big round of applause from the audience.
Next item on the programme was the performance by Weisse Wände – improvised music with live visuals by Maki and Iink (using the new Tagtool). After this performance the members of the audience had an opportunity to ‘have a go’ at using the new Tagtool for iPad – something which proved to be very popular, as can be seen from the photos below!
There was a nice party atmosphere with people chatting in the bar……while at the other end of the Projectraum I did some ‘old-school’ Tagtooling.In the afternoon we set up an ‘old-school’ corner using my big DIY All-in-one Tagtool as well as my original (vintage!) DIY mini. We used two projectors, our ‘short throw’ mounted on the ceiling to cover the big end wall and a BenQ set on a tripod next to the table with my mini to project on the side wall.Using these two different projectors made colour matching across the two walls quite difficult; while the ‘short throw’ gives a much larger image, the colours are less bright and, except in total darkness, it’s not possible to get a real black. Also with the ‘short throw’, when you are close up, the drawing appears as if seen through a mesh (which isn’t always visible in these photos). But despite these limitations, our ‘old-school’ set up worked well and I spent a most enjoyable evening just standing drawing….1-P10104032-P1010409I moved between the two workstations developing the drawings – below, using the mini to draw on the smaller wall…
…and here drawing with my All-in-one on the end wall.Later in the evening the developers of the new Tagtool, Kolmich Creations, came over to have a closer look at our ‘old-school’ set up….I took this opportunity to demonstrate one of my favourite ‘old-school’ techniques – first drawing in solid colour, then doing a partial fade and then drawing into the remains of the original image with both solid and transparent colour so that the final drawing consists of a number of different layers – of transparent colour, faded colour and solid drawing all mixed together.Below are some shots of the final drawing sequence of the evening….It was so nice to meet up with old friends from the Tagtool community at this most enjoyable event – and great to see the demonstration of the new Tagtool. Now I’m waiting impatiently for 19 December to try it out for myself!

Special Tagtool Event in Vienna

Presented by OMAi, the originators of the Tagtool, this promises to be the ‘not to be missed’ Tagtool event of the year! Tickets are free and you can get them online from the organisers – but this will be a very popular event, so if you can be in Vienna next week, don’t delay, apply for your tickets right now!

Meet the New Tagtool!
We are very pleased to welcome you to the celebration of the new evolution of Tagtool on Wednesday November 26th at WUK cultural center in Vienna.

The OMAi team will present their new creation, and give an exclusive insight into their own artistic work, which has recently taken them to the U.S., South America and the Middle East. The evening also features a performance byWeisse Wände combining improvisational music, image and spoken word, as well as exquisite projections by international Tagtool artists.

The new Tagtool is based on the proven formula of “live drawing and animation”, while opening up the concept to a wider audience. The new Tagtool will be available worldwide in December 2014.

Event Details

Wednesday, November 26th, 7pm
WUK / Projektraum, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien

Tagtool at Slany Museum

The performance was held in the inner courtyard of Slany Local History Museum. The projector was set up beside the decorative ironwork of the well to avoid it casting shadows on my drawing. As the weather was cold and dry we didn’t need to shelter the equipment under a gazebo so I positioned the Tagtool near the middle of the courtyard and by the time the performance began, despite the cold, the courtyard was crowded with people, both adults and children.Dima had assembled a nice varied playlist to accompany my drawing and the programme lasted for just over one hour (which I think was more than long enough for most of the people, especially the younger children, to stand outside in the cold!) I started with a suitably wintry landscape….…and then I began to draw something a bit more colourful.

An urban landscape to accompany the song, ‘Melancholy Man’ by Can Gox

…and again something a bit lighter as introduction to my final drawing sequence!

At Club Jedárna

Our friend Martin from Suncab invited us to do some Tagtooling at a gig in this interesting cellar venue in Strakonice on Wednesday evening. I decided to draw on the wall rather than the very small screen behind the performers. As all the lighting was focused on the stage it was very dark (great for drawing!) and the texture of the curved stone wall provided a nice extra dimension to the drawing.These are some photos of drawings to accompany the first set by Oswaldovi & Andrea Rottin. I hadn’t heard the band before and had only a couple of minutes before the show to discuss what I would draw – so it was all very improvised!Below – Oswaldovi & Andrea Rottin onstage.After the break I did some more drawing for the band playing in the second half of the programme. Photo below – Susie Asado, Berlin-based but from the US.She gave a spoken introduction about the subject matter of each song for the audience and was singing in English, so it was easier for me to try to make appropriate drawings as accompaniment. Here’s a selection…..So – it was another very nice Tagtooling visit to Strakonice. The club Jedárna had a very good atmosphere and I really enjoyed my evening of drawing!