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March 2015

Tagtool at Transformania IV

Last Friday we held this Transformania event at NEONE in Prague – both a party and nice Tagtooling opportunity for me to accompany some of our guests. First up on the programme were our Czech friends, Mutanti hledaj východisko. Last year I did some ‘mutant drawings’ for them when they were performing at the summer festival in Boskovice – so it was great to do some more scary images for this performance! The photos below show the progression of my drawings…

Later in the evening I did some more drawing. This time it was to accompany the set by The Fake Masters from Berlin. I hadn’t been able to listen beforehand to the music they would play so I asked them what kind of subjects they would like me to draw. ‘Something connected with gardens or flowers would be good…’ Here’s what I did!

Below – after drawing these big flowers, the visuals began to look more like jungle than a garden, with the two musicians hidden in the foliage …

But Tagtool drawing formed only a part of the evening’s visual entertainment, so when I was not drawing I was able to join the party and enjoy Joost van Veen’s subtle manipulations of Super8 footage and also the brilliant Mr Vux’s dazzling and complex computer visuals – but I was so engaged in watching their performances that I didn’t remember to take any photos for the blog!

On Tour – Jablonec nad Nisou

We were really happy to make a return visit to Klub Na Rampě in Jablonec (the first time that we were at this very nice venue was in December 2013 on tour with Czech band Vložte kočku). This time Vložte kočku’s programme included some of the songs from their newly released album ‘HEDVIKA’. Dima did the lighting for this show and I was providing some live drawing accompaniment.

The photos above were taken at the rehearsal in the afternoon. When we arrived at Klub Na Rampě we put up white material across the full width of the stage behind the band and then I had a chance to do some drawing while Dima was busy programming the stage lights. Dima set up our video to record the performance but for now I’ll just post a few photos taken with my little camera.
The two images below show my drawing to accompany the song,’Koně’. (It’s always popular with audiences, and it is one of my favourites too!)
For some reason I don’t have photos of any of my more abstract drawing sequences (but perhaps I will get some from the video for a later post)
It was obvious from the audience reaction that everyone really enjoyed the songs from the new album, as well as the ‘old favourites’ in the programme – as this photo taken at the end of the concert of people calling for an encore shows!Tomorrow (Friday) the tour takes us to Česká Lípa and on Saturday we will be in Hradec Králové. All Vložte kočku’s tour dates and locations can be found here….
And now for a postscript:-
This week, as well as their new album, Vložte kočku have released a video clip of one of the songs from ‘HEDVIKA’ that I would like to share on the blog….and as well as featuring Dima’s lighting and a bit of my Tagtool drawing, my donkey and wolf masks also make an appearance – so watch, listen and enjoy!

Fiat 500X Launch Party

With the Lunchmeat crew – VJing with Pavel Karafiát at the SaSaZu Club in Prague.  The surface of the car was mapped into two sections so that we could create the visuals together.  Something different for me – Tagtool drawing v. content generated by code – a very interesting experiment and great fun to do!Below – two more collages of the photos that Dima took during the session.
Changes in the stage lighting created these interesting and dramatic effects…

Some of the sequences were mostly abstract patterns….
…with the Tagtool drawing ‘matching’ the digital graphics…
…and in the second half of the programme the drawing ‘on the car’ also appeared as a visual on the big LED screen on the stage behind the DJ’s console.This photo was taken from the balcony where our workstations were set up……while the photo below shows the spectators’ view of the dancefloor in a sequence where my figurative Tagtool drawing on the side of the car was in direct contrast with Pavel’s abstract graphics on the bonnet.
To end this posting – two photos from our final sequence, the first of the LED screen as seen from the balcony and then as our visuals appeared on the car.