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October 2015

Drawing with FezayaFirar in Prague

It was great to be able to do some Tagtool drawing at the Cafe Prostoru_ concert on Thursday with Turkish musicians FezayaFirar, but it was very much a last minute decision as we didn’t know whether it would be at all possible to draw at this venue. However when the cafe spotlights were turned off, the white window blinds behind the musicians provided me with an ideal ‘canvas’ for Tagtooling.

Instead of making several drawings I decided to slowly develop and change this initial image in response to FezayaFirar’s experimental electronic music, adding layers of transparent colour, partially fading and adding some figures, then covering this with solid colour and doing more drawing and fading.

Although I had heard FezayaFirar play at the Floating Castle Festival in Slovenia, this was the first time I had an opportunity to draw with them. The pace and texture of their music was great for drawing so this concert was an unexpected pleasure for me! Dima took lots of photos and there was also some video. But now I will post only photos, and put the edited video later in a separate posting.Above is the image overlaid with transparent colour which I then faded out, painted the background black and continued to draw in monochrome…

…then painted out the central section covering it with patches of solid colour…
…and added some dancing figures to end the session.
Below – FezayaFirar turn round to watch the drawing slowly fade to black.

At Radio Wave, Prague

A concert given by Mutanti Hledaj Východisko on 21 September, 2015.The Radio Wave Studio in Prague is a fantastic space – but Tagtool drawing over the dark colours and elaborate patterning of the acoustic tiles was no easy matter and there was only a short time for me to make the drawing below and assess the effects of the stage lighting before the concert was scheduled to begin!

It was a rather low key beginning for the first song, just some leaves and flowers..…and then it was time for the mutants to appear……followed by a song about a father and his son.For the images to be seen on the dark background I used mostly solid colour, but I also tried to incorporate the pattern of the acoustic tiles into my drawing.P1060752
This was more successful for the mutant drawings than in the landscape below (but for this drawing Dima animated the clouds to make it more interesting).The whole concert was recorded and filmed by Radio Wave. I will post the video when it is released but to end this post here are some more of Dima’s photos.

Tagtool at Horní Vltavice, Sumava

…drawing to accompany performances by Zrní and Please the Trees at the ‘KONCERT PRO ŠUMAVSKOU DIVOČINU’ on Saturday 19 September. This was quite a marathon for me – drawing for two different bands in the one evening! As Zrní were playing on the main stage in the big tent and the finale by was in the cupola tent (which was nearby) the projector and Tagtool had to be moved from one location to the other in double quick time. The photo at the head of this post is one of my drawings for Zrní, the second is for Please the Trees and below are another two photos from each of the performances.
As the music of the two bands was quite different, I made only landscape and abstract drawings for Zrní and more figurative sequences for Please the Trees.
Dima took so many photos for me that it has taken me some time to sort them out. As well as using my little camera he took a lot of panoramic shots with his (superior!) photo equipment. I plan to make separate postings of the drawings for each band but I’ll end this post with a few of Dima’s panoramic shots.