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December 2016

At Hackathon 2016, Prague

1-img_3139Unfortunately this is the only image that I have from the short Tagtool drawing performance that I did at the evening awards party for the ‘Hack the Brain’ hackathon that took place on 4 December at Venuše ve Švehlovce,  a small theatre hidden behind the flats in the Zizkov area of Prague. The electronic music for the performance was given by Sergey Khanukaev aka Dirigent who I met in Berlin earlier this year.It was great to have this opportunity to draw with him again and I had a lot of fun playing with the ‘hall of mirrors’ distortions that resulted from the curved surfaces of the theatre balcony –  an ideal location for this short unrehearsed jam session!

River of Dreams charity event

1-letni-dum-na-male-straneTagtool drawing on 23 November at Letní dům‘s fund raising event in Prague. As happened last year, as well as the sale of paper lanterns to float on the river there was a puppet show for the children, jazz band, fire show and a stall selling hot drinks and snacks. The weather, although quite cold, was dry and clear – quite a relief as earlier in the week it had been very wet and misty (which would not have been good conditions for sailing paper lanterns or Tagtooling!)1-p11408392-p1140851Before the event began,  in order to provide a suitable background for a local television crew to interview the organisers of the event, I made my drawings only on this wall and the logo of the children’s charity was projected on the building above. But as people began to gather for the puppet show I made this sequence of  monochrome drawings on the building itself.3-p1070887It was great to be able to draw on this enormous scale!4-p11408595-p11408626-p11408667-p11408738-p1140876When the Tango Jazz Band started to play it was time to begin a new sequence of drawings, this time in colour.1-p1070894The projector provided for me to use was a beautiful strong 21000 lumens Panasonic which gave super bright colours – this was a real joy (thank you AV Media!). Here are some more photos of this drawing sequence.2-p11408783-p11408824-p1140890I left my drawing on the Containall building, erased the colour on the wall below and joined the audience to enjoy the spectacular Ohnivá fire show which ended the evening’s events.5-p1140911

Science Week in Kladno

On 10 November the Biomedical Faculty of the Czech Technical University held an open evening for people interested in pursuing a scientific career.  There were various lectures and demonstrations for both children and adults – and then some Tagtool drawing to close the evening’s events.1-img_2012Not my usual subject matter! However the audience seemed to quite like my representation of ‘scientists at work in the lab making exciting discoveries’….1-img_20131-img_2021