Lunchmeat Festival -‘Official’ Video

This video has already appeared on the Lunchmeat site and also on the front page of so I think that most people who are interested in all things Tagtool will have seen it already!
[vimeo http//]
I decided to put it on the blog as well as this provides me with an opportunity to say a big ‘thankyou’ to everyone who helped to make taking part in this festival such a fun experience, specially to the Lunchmeat Festival organisers, Kuba and Ondra, and to the staff at DOX Gallery. It was also great to have the Red Bull car with its powerful generator and sound system for the projector bombing sessions (I am definitely going to put a mobile generator on my Christmas present wish-list this year………Dima, please note!)

Last but not least, very special thanks to Vladimir Turner for making this video – it certainly makes a difference to have a professional video artist to document one’s work! I very much appreciated Vladimir’s dedication, continuing to film even in the pouring rain, in order to record all the projector bombing sessions! To check out other videos on his website click here.

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