A pre-Tagtool drawing performance!

This is a real ‘blast from the past’ – a video from 2008 of part of the performance at Evolution Night Vol 2 in Club Skutečnost, Prague. At the time I was not aware that anyone was making a video so I was very pleased to discover after the performance this clip by CIANT on the Internet. It’s now three years on, almost to the day, so I thought I would post it on the blog…..
Club Skutečnost was located in a labyrinth of interconnecting cellars with widely differing ceiling heights and the small stage in the club was set so high up that a ladder was the only means of access for performers. There was a very nice big back projection screen that stretched from one side of the stage to the other but by the time that the musicians had set up all their equipment the only space available for us to work was a small alcove in the side wall in which we were more or less hidden from both audience and performers. Also, this meant that I had only a very oblique view of a small section of the projection screen while drawing. To this difficulty was added the problem of setting up my laptop plus a separate computer screen which we had covered with a (homemade) black box hood to isolate the drawing area of the Corel Painter programme that I was using, the tripod-mounted video camera, Dima’s Edirol V4 Mixer and a small desk and chair so that I could sit to draw – all of which had to be jammed somehow into this one small corner. Of course Dima had to carry all of this equipment up the ladder on to the stage (and back down again afterwards) – these were definitely not the ideal circumstances for a live drawing performance!
However, Anja and Bethany were happy with the visuals accompanying their music and the audience also seemed to like my drawings. This encouraged us to try to look for some other (easier/better) way to make live drawing performances so we searched the Internet – and discovered Tagtool!

And the rest, as they say, is history!

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