Dmitri Berzon and Frances Sander

Dmitri Berzon is a Russian born artist who studied Fine Art in London.
Frances Sander was born in Scotland and was a postgraduate scholar
in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. They are both
practising artists who have worked in a variety of media;
Frances is a figurative painter and printmaker and
Dmitri makes works in time-based media, video and photography.

Since 2006 they have worked together on a number of projects
including small format film making, site-specific installations and
large scale live improvisatory drawing performances in a variety of
interior venues and on the street (often with live music) using the Tagtool.
The Drawinglive News blog was established by Frances in January 2009
in order to document these Tagtool projects. However, as Dmitri’s interests
encompass music as well as art, from January 2012 in addition to the blog the
new website Wiredrome will showcase work from this project recording studio
as well as Tagtool and other work.

Frances and Dimitri continue to make live Tagtool drawing performances
which will be documented in the blog but they also work together
and separately on a variety of other creative projects.
It is their intention that Wiredrome will, over time,
provide a showcase for their web-based work.