Amsterdam Tagtool sessions – part 2

Drawing in the very long narrow downstairs hallway presented quite a challenge. As the photos below show, I had to sit in a very small space directly behind the time lapse camera and the two projectors, which meant that I had a rather restricted view of what I was drawing.The ‘background’ for my drawing was some video clips of footage from one of our B+W 16mm films and it seemed a pity to draw over this illusion of stairs created by the projection on the floor of the hallway without taking a photo first.For some of the sessions in the hallway we used only the larger Panasonic projector mounted on its side, giving the portrait format that can clearly be seen in this photo that I took while Dima was setting up the computer ready for me to draw.A really strange contrast occurred between the process of drawing over the figure and creating the shadows, colours and patterns surrounding her. As most of the drawing area consisted of the sharply receding planes of the floor and walls, when I drew thin lines they became hugely elongated on the floor and short and wide on the walls, and describing a circle with my pen resulted in a narrow ellipse. However, this ‘difficulty’ enabled me to produce very quickly some really dramatic effects.

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