Another video from Slovenia

This little video is from a performance given on our arrival in Izola, when I made a sequence of Tagtool drawings on the wall of the church in Manzioli Piazza to accompany the open air concert by Kate Young which was held in the square.
Unfortunately something went wrong with the camera Dima was using and initially he thought we had no record at all of this concert. However, somehow he managed to salvage these fragments and put together this speeded-up version of some of my drawings. This means of course, that the song and the images don’t fit together – for instance, the last sequence shows flowers and leaves, and, if you look carefully, some caterpillars eating the leaves (which was the subject of another song in the programme). Before the concert we had no time to discuss what I should draw so I had to rely on Kate’s introduction to each of her songs to make suitable accompanying images – quite a challenge!

To end this post here are some photos kindly sent to me by Joachim Gross.Above, two nice photos of the musicians and the audience and in the pictures below, one of the younger members of the audience doing some drawing – as usual the children all wanted to ‘have a go’ with the Tagtool after the concert!

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