At Akropolis Multimediale 2014 Festival

cartonnage_multimediale_11_20141025_1808795046We provided the visuals for Cartonnage‘s performance on Friday night – a one and a half hour show on the main stage of the Palác Akropolis concert venue.Above, Thursday night – preparing the stage. The orchestra was to be separated from the band by this curtain of transparent tulle on which I would draw.Above, the enormous theatre projector and below, my ‘test’ drawing to try it out.All of the band’s seventeen songs for the concert were under five minutes long. We were able to listen to the playlist beforehand and for some songs we prepared a ‘background’ Tagtool drawing against which I could draw live at the performance; for others we used live animation – so it was quite a complicated set up, with Dima having to do a lot of last-minute patching to make sure everything worked! The combination of the theatre lighting and Tagtool drawing on the tulle worked well, despite the fact that we didn’t have time to have a proper rehearsal to check how the different elements of the performance would work all together – which made me extra nervous! Also, Dima didn’t have any time to set up our camera to take photos before the performance, but I looked on and fortunately found a lot of very nice pictures by Eva Makovská of the concert. Here are some I’ve selected to end this post.18_cartonnage_akropolis_24_10_2014 (1)The two photos below show how the stage lighting altered the whole atmosphere of my drawing – which added an interesting extra dimension to the visuals!

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