At ANIFILM 06, Třeboň

Another gig with Vložte kočku, this time at Music Club Beseda in Třeboň, as part of the programme of events accompanying the International Festival of Animated Films. I took the photos below after the sound check to show the stage set up.Because of the shape of the ballroom where the concert was held, the Tagtool and projector had to be set up quite near to the stage. We used the wide angle lens on our new Epson projector so that I was able to draw over the whole stage as well as the white panels behind it – which meant that when the ceiling lights were turned off during the performance, in addition to Dima’s stage lighting of LEDs, strobe and bulbs, I could also use the Tagtool to illuminate the band. This proved to be a really good set up for drawing and, as usual, Dima took lots of photos for me.Below – two more photos from this drawing sequence…
Krystof’s electronics console really glowed in the darkness at the beginning of the next figurative drawing sequence……with the mood gradually lightening as I added these heads to the drawing.

Then I ended with a short fade to ‘remove’ the original landscape background.
Here is a much more colourful drawing sequence from later in the concert…
The wide angle lens projected my drawing over people dancing at the front of the stage so I decided to have some fun including them in the drawing too!There was a great atmosphere at the concert and even after an encore the large and enthusiastic audience were shouting for more….

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