At Café V lese, Prague

On Sunday 27 November there was a concert by Margaret Unknown and Tembryo in the newly opened cellar bar of Café V lese and they asked me if I would provide some live Tagtool drawing for their performance.Although this is a very nice large space, doing drawing here was not at all easy because of the low ceiling and the pillars that obscured the view, and also because the four musicians were spaced very widely across the big stage area with its corner steps. In order to see the projection the only light source for the stage,which was a ceiling-mounted bare light bulb, had to be switched off during the performance. This meant that my Tagtool drawing was the only source of light for the musicians while they were playing and although the corner stage, doorway and uneven brick walls made a most interesting setting for drawing there was a lot of distortion and overlap from the two projectors for me to cope with as well.Because, as can be seen in the photo above from my first drawing sequence, the musicians became almost hidden in the combination of my drawn and their real shadows, for the remainder of the performance I drew mostly abstract patterns to complement their experimental-psychedelic music, concentrating on trying to make the four musicians visible as well as providing a series of background images for their performance. Despite the difficulty of making an interesting background image while at the same time providing enough illumination so that the musicians could see to play, I ended the performance by drawing this dark cityscape.

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