At Club Jedárna

Our friend Martin from Suncab invited us to do some Tagtooling at a gig in this interesting cellar venue in Strakonice on Wednesday evening. I decided to draw on the wall rather than the very small screen behind the performers. As all the lighting was focused on the stage it was very dark (great for drawing!) and the texture of the curved stone wall provided a nice extra dimension to the drawing.These are some photos of drawings to accompany the first set by Oswaldovi & Andrea Rottin. I hadn’t heard the band before and had only a couple of minutes before the show to discuss what I would draw – so it was all very improvised!Below – Oswaldovi & Andrea Rottin onstage.After the break I did some more drawing for the band playing in the second half of the programme. Photo below – Susie Asado, Berlin-based but from the US.She gave a spoken introduction about the subject matter of each song for the audience and was singing in English, so it was easier for me to try to make appropriate drawings as accompaniment. Here’s a selection…..So – it was another very nice Tagtooling visit to Strakonice. The club Jedárna had a very good atmosphere and I really enjoyed my evening of drawing!

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