At DOX Centre for contemporary Art, Prague

On 26 April we did an evening of Tagtool drawing on DOX’s café roof terrace where I drew last year during the Lunchmeat Festival. This time the occasion was the opening of the big new exhibition, ‘Outside / Inside’ by Čestmír Suška. (This is a really spectacular exhibition, not to be missed if you are in Prague this summer!) When we arrived, first we spent some time going round the exhibition – then Dima had to get busy setting up all of our equipment.Dima took all of our projectors and two Tagtools so that I would have the possibility of drawing on more than one wall during the evening. It was a warm, dry evening and the café and roof terrace were very busy, with so many people standing outside that sometimes it was hard for me to see what I was drawing. This made it impossible to do any video but Dima took lots of photos. In this photo one of Suška’s big illuminated sculptures on the upper roof terrace that I ‘incorporated’ into the background of my first drawing can be clearly seen.Below is a collage of photos from my second drawing sequence on this wall.We had one projector beaming on to Petr Motyčka‘s ‘Shoe Christ’ on the gable wall next to the terrace so from time to time during the evening I ‘added’ some of my Tagtool drawing to this work.
After the exhibition closed, the café and roof terrace remained open with DJs and partying till late. Dima repositioned one of the projectors so that it beamed on to the wall across the courtyard……and I did some more drawings on the wall of the roof terrace as well.Then it was time to say ‘goodnight’, fade the drawing and pack up the Tagtools…As usual, people were very interested in the Tagtool, a lot of them seeing it for the first time – and it was also a really fun evening of drawing for me!

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