At Festival Beseda u Bigbitu, Tasov

On Saturday night I was doing drawings for the band Mutanti Hledaj Východisko. They were performing in this big tent at the festival – very nice for Tagtooling! Above is my test drawing – and our lovely Epson projector gave this super bright image (which shone right through the canvas so the tent glowed outside in the dark!) At the performance Dima took lots of photos for me……with some audience participation, where people were trying to make shadows to ‘catch’ the mutant animals I was drawing to accompany the first song!
Then in a darker mood, a song about a sídliště (housing estate)…and now here come the mutants….
The drawing below was to accompany a song where a father addresses his son…… and then the mood of the programme changed again…

Although several of the 13 songs in Mutanti’s 50 minute programme contained their characteristic ‘mutant’ theme, morphing from one drawing to another to match the changing atmosphere of the songs in the performance meant that this was a very intense drawing session for me. Below – a monochrome landscape with clouds animated by Dima (giving me a two minute break from drawing!)After that, a rainbow and some more mutant children….
….then back to the housing estate….…and ending with mutants under a blue moon (a very appropriate ending as this was the night of the blue moon – which was really shining in the sky outside!)

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