At Festival Povaleč…

1-P1130866a return visit for us to this festival at Valeč, near Karlovy Vary. This year Mutanti were playing in the tent at C Stage and there was a very large and enthusiastic audience for their concert.  The stage lighting was turned off for Mutanti’s performance and our projector was able to cover the whole width of the roof of the tent above the stage – but although I was standing on a box I could only just see the heads of the musicians above the audience who were standing in front of me, packed tightly inside the tent.02-P1130889Most of Mutanti’s music now is very familiar to me which made it not quite so difficult to make quick changes of mood between their songs, many of which are quite short. Below is my accompaniment to the song ‘Chernobyl’ – which was helped along by the enthusiastic hand waving of the audience making shadows as I was drawing to ‘catch’ the mutant animals…great fun!03-P113089304-P113090306-P1130908But as well as old favourites, they also played some new material – and below is my drawing for the two songs, ‘Julie’ and ‘Si tu navic’07-P113091108-P1130917After this there was a complete change of scene for another audience favourite, the song, ‘Discotheque’…09-P1130927…which was followed by ‘Uncle Honza’ with the little girl on the swing.10-P1130940The last photo for this post shows the beginnings of my drawing for the song about a housing estate…11-P1130943…but at this point the battery in Dima’s camera gave out -so I have no more photos! This was really sad because I did quite a bit more drawing and at the ‘official’ end of the concert the audience invaded the stage, dancing and clapping and demanding encores. Dima put away his camera and took up the gamepad and we did some quick fire animations. There was a great party atmosphere and Mutanti were in top form – so it was very, very late before we were able to pack up the Tagtool and head for home!

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