At JATKA78 in Prague

P1030533This newly opened multifunctional theatre, music club, gallery, training halls, rehearsal room and gym is the new venue for performances by the Prague-based contemporary circus company Cirk La Putyka, who are bringing back to vibrant life these former market halls. The photo below shows the hall adjacent to the theatre, which houses the bar, exhibition area and stage for music performances where we were providing the visuals to accompany Vložte kočku’s concert, which took place on Friday night after the circus performance in the theatre.P1030532Our beautiful new Epson 6000 full HD projector (which can be seen mounted on the tripod on the right in this photo) was ideal for the venue, giving bright, clear images and lovely luminous colour – and that was even before the house lights were dimmed for the performance!Although Dima was busy programming the stage lights during the performance he also found time to take some photos for the blog…

This programme was slightly different from the recent tour, featuring old material as well as music from the new VK album. I got a short break from drawing when Dima showed the video to accompany the song, ‘Kone’ but to accompany the rest of the concert I produced a changing sequence of drawings.

Before it was time for me to draw at Vložte kočku’s concert in the bar, instead of having to wait backstage for the circus performance to end, the director very kindly invited me to come and see the show – and I had a front seat view as well, which was really great! Do check out La Putyka’s website to see a list of their forthcoming performances – and try to see them if you can!
To end this post – one of the circus performers arrives for the after-party at the end of the concert…

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