At Kročehlavský pivovar, Kladno

On Friday 23 September we were invited to do a Tagtool performance in the cellar of this former brewery in Kladno, not far from Prague, as part of the conference, ‘6. bienále Industriální stopy v Kladně’.


As these two photos show, this is a really great place to create some mysterious and dramatic effects.

 Both Dima and Helena Rosman took photos while I was drawing so I have a lot of visual material for this posting.

As we didn’t have live music for this performance Dima assembled a playlist of tracks by Fläsk Quartet, N.O.E. and Swans to accompany my drawing. This sequence accompanied one of the tracks….…and this collage shows another, non-figurative episode.The texture of the brickwork, the vaulted ceiling and dark mysterious central archway made this a most interesting and inspiring location for drawing.I’m really looking forward to our next visit to Kročehlavský pivovar on Saturday 8 October when I will be drawing with Maki – and Supra+ will be playing live!

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