At Kaleidoskop 2012, Vienna – Part 3

On Sunday there was to be another opportunity to see Maki and Itzi drawing with the Tagtool for iPad but the evening’s events began with a performance by Gerald Pfaffl. During the weekend in the centre of the main exhibition space he had constructed a large hollow sphere which he filled with concrete….. …and on Sunday evening when it had time to dry out….…he removed the lights, took up his pick and mallet….…and systematically reduced the ball to a heap of rubble, in the process bursting the bags of red paint ‘buried’ in the interior – a really spectacular performance!

Leaving Gerald’s heap of ‘bleeding’ rubble behind, the audience moved to the garage at mo.ë where Patryk Chwastek’s intricately decorated art car with his puppets made from found materials was installed.With the garage door open on to the street, Maki and Itzi took up their iPads and began to make a sequence of animated drawings using the windscreen of the car as their projection screen – a really fun idea that made a great end to the evening and the Kaleidoskop weekend!

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