At Kaleidoskop 2012, Vienna – Part 1

This three day event at mo.ë was curated by Jan Linke (pictured left above, in front of a work by die. Puntigam. Jan’s paintings can be seen in the background of the two photos on the right and in the centre, ceramics by Gerald Pfaffl). The location of the exhibition was the main hall of mo.ë and each evening there were different artists’ performances in the adjoining studios.
Our oldschool Tagtool performance was scheduled for Saturday evening, so on Friday night when Maki and Itzi, with Ritsche on trumpet, were drawing using the (soon to be available!) new Tagtool for iPad I was able to join the audience, sit back and enjoy the show.As can be seen in the photo above, with the Tagtool for iPad it is even possible to draw while sitting comfortably in an armchair! Because it is so small and portable this new Tagtool app. makes multiplayer sessions easy to set up – and the animation features are really spectacular. I was so sorry that, as usual, I could only take still photos of Maki and Itzi’s performance….The dark green door and uneven surface of the studio wall added another dimension to the animation – and I was pleased to see that one of my favourite ‘characters’, the red pig, featured in the programme….I made the collage of photos below in the second half of the performance when Ritsche stepped out in front of the projection and became part of the ‘action’.I took lots of photos, but here is one shot from the ‘finale’ that I think captures well the atmosphere of what was a most engaging and enjoyable performance.Part 2 of Kaleidoscop 2012 – coming soon!

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