At Kaleidoskop 2012, Vienna – Part 2

On Friday we set up our ‘oldschool’ Tagtool in the small studio where the performance with K.U.N.T.Z. was to take place the following evening so that I had an opportunity to see how the projection would work in this setting. We left the projectors running on Friday night and I drew a few large black and white heads so that the room wasn’t in complete darkness during the exhibition…..The room was not large and it had a fairly low ceiling. But as most of the walls and the ceiling were painted white (and we covered the one area of exposed brickwork with some white boards), with all the ceiling lights switched off and the only available light coming from the projectors, this made it a really good location for Tagtooling. By working diagonally, with my Tagtool set in the corner opposite to the musicians, our two projectors covered the walls behind them almost from floor to ceiling. Here are some stills of the performance showing all the creatures represented in the songs – cat, frog, crow, donkey, fly, goat and wolf. These were taken from Dima’s video of the performance. I will post the video later when Dima has finished editing it, but meantime here is a ‘fun version’ of the event – it’s a low resolution “whirling dervishes’ eye view” that Dima made using a 360 ° lens positioned on the floor in front of the audience. The whole 40 minute performance is compressed into 3 minutes and the soundtrack is ‘Crow’, one of the 7 pieces in the song cycle.
For the second performance of the evening Matthias Widder provided the Tagtool accompaniment for Max and Luka’s improvised set. Below are some photos that I took of his drawing – Matthias created a fast moving, real ‘Kaleidoskop’ of vibrant colour which worked extremely well with the music.
In a couple of days I will do another posting covering the performances on Sunday 30 September, the last day of Kaleidoscop 2012.

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