At Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Last night we were performing with Vložte kočku at the Film Festival club Aeroport which was located at the historic Goethe’s Lookout tower. Below – getting everything ready in the afternoon at the main stage outside the building.This was a very spectacular location on top of a hill just outside Karlovy Vary but it could only be reached by a steep, narrow and winding road so it was good that there was a special all night bus service to take festival visitors to and from the venue! And despite the weather being rather cold and damp, there was a good-sized audience for Vložte kočku’s performance in the evening.As Dima was busy programming the lighting for the performance he didn’t have time to set up the video camera or take photos but I did manage to stop drawing for a few moments take these (not very good!) pictures of the performance.
For the next week we will be travelling with Vložte kočku on their tour, performing at festivals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, so I hope that I will have more pictures for the blog in my next posting.

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