At Kunstwerkstatt, Tulln

We have just returned from another happy Tagtooling event in Tulln!

The photos below show the set up for drawing at the Kunstwerkstatt – four projectors (two of theirs and two of ours – the ones in the home-made wooden boxes secured by Gaffa tape being ours, of course!) and two Tagtools – and in the centre photo Dima carefully positioning the cameras ready to record the event on Saturday night.
My next posting will contain a video of the performance but until it is edited here are a few photos that I took at our rehearsal.Dima and Matthias adjusting the lighting.Malu and Maki reviewing their installation, ‘Istanbul 2010’ which was to open the show.Steve Buchanan’s ‘warm up ‘ session.This photo shows Steve foot drumming with Malu and Maki’s installation in the background.
Once the projectors were adjusted, all the cables secured and lighting checked, the rehearsal evening turned into a bit of a jam session and pre-party party! I took this photo of the final image of the jam session I had with Maki (with Dima in the foreground still searching for the best position for the camera…..)The scale of the projection can clearly be seen in this photo showing Jan and Steve with part of Matthias’s Tagtool drawing and my ‘Imaginary portraits’ on the wall behind them.

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