At Meander Festival

We arrived in the historic and picturesque Czech town of Loket on Saturday 11 June for the second day of this festival but it’s only now that I have found the time to sort out my photos and write up the blog.1-P1070510We were providing the visuals for the band ‘-123 min’.  I hadn’t heard their music before but they are a very popular band in the Czech Republic.  After catching a couple of other music performances in the afternoon and early evening it was time to set up the Tagtool and our big projector at the main stage. The projection covered the whole wall behind the musicians and the roof of the tent, giving a really big surface for drawing.

I began with some transparent layers of colour to provide a background that I could draw over – which meant that I could develop the drawing to last for more than one song.02-P1070524 There was big audience and a great party atmosphere at this festival performance!01-P1070518 Since my Tagtool drawing had to illuminate the musicians as well as providing background visuals, instead of fading to black between sequences I drew in white to light up the stage and then began to add a new layer of drawing over the previous image.05-P1070546As well as these abstract visuals I also did some black and white figurative drawing.

08-P1070568At the end of the concert the audience kept shouting for more, and  Andy, the organiser of the festival, came onstage with his violin. The band started to play again and they had a jam session – which was great fun, so I joined in with more (rather wild!) impromptu drawing….09-P1070585Dima took lots of photos for me so I’ll end this post with a couple that i think really capture the atmosphere of this most enjoyable festival performance.11-P107062012-P1070629

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