At the Agricultural Museum, Prague

On Friday 9 September the museum held a day long outdoor event,  ‘Malá slavnost lesa a dřeva‘, to accompany their current special exhibition about forests. This was a family-oriented event held in the garden behind the museum with daytime activities for children, a puppet show and in the evening an open air concert by Czech musicians  Konvrzek & Kalivoda.1-img_20160909_200435_hdrAbove – it was a beautiful cloudless evening and the concert began before it was properly dark. The combination of the dark brick of the museum wall, bright outdoor lighting of the path leading to the cafe bar and the illumination of the stage made for extremely difficult conditions for Tagtool drawing!  None the less, people seemed to enjoy the ghostly images accompanying the music and I did several drawings both during and after the concert.2-img_20160909_2008273-img_20160909_201113I did the demonstration drawing below during the interval to show how the Tagtool worked, for some people who were interested in it and had not seen it before.4-img_20160909_201834Because of the ambient light it was not possible to use any transparency in my drawings and make only big bold images. Drawing in black and white was really the best option, and although I did try to use some colour, the dark brick made everything look very dull.5-img_20160909_2046316-img_20160909_213933I had not been able to draw the kind of landscape and forest backgrounds that I had hoped to for this event, but I did enjoy the music –  and the audience seemed happy with the performance too!

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