At Tooting Market, London

Last Saturday we were invited to do a Tagtool performance at the event entitled ‘Unorthobox’, organised by Passenger Films and The Brick Box at Tooting Market.We had not been to view the venue beforehand and didn’t really know what the space would be like, only that it was an old indoor market that regularly hosted art and community events ‘after hours’. The evening programme consisted of a number of performances and installations with the theme of ‘light and visual interventions’ and a large and enthusiastic audience gathered for this event. Unfortunately, as it took us some time to set up and test our equipment I wasn’t able to see many of the other performances and during the evening I was only able to take a few photos of our work.Because there were lots of different shops and stalls lining the narrow aisles of the market it was not possible to find a position to make the long panoramic projection we had planned to do; instead Dima set up our three projectors to beam onto the metal shutters of some of the closed shop fronts.Although this collage of projections worked quite well, when people were walking past it wasn’t always always possible for me to see what I was drawing!Another problem was that the two musicians who were supposed to play while I was drawing were some distance away from me. Because of noise restrictions in the evening they were not allowed to be amplified – which meant that above the buzz of audience conversation they were completely inaudible.With such an interesting array of instruments is was so sad that they could not be heard – and I found that this lack of musical accompaniment made drawing more difficult too! But despite these problems, after the performance several people came to have a closer look at the Tagtool, wanted to know more about how it worked and said how much they had enjoyed the performance – which in the end made it all worthwhile.

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