At Wonderland Open Air Festival

I planned to travel with Dima and just enjoy the festival but when we arrived we discovered that KinocirKus were using a big 20000 lumens projector(!!) Nicola said it would be nice if I could do some Tagtool drawing (which was great – but of course I didn’t have my big Tagtool in the van!)No problem – Dima had this controller and his Fujitsu Lifebook laptop in his backpack….and this worked just fine (although for drawing I would much prefer to use sliders rather than turning controller knobs and the projection tent was a long way from the stage so I couldn’t see properly any detail in the drawing).The big projector covered the upper part of the stage and also the trees behind it.While I was drawing Dima took these photos…

When it was getting late I decided to do some scary heads in the trees….

We had a really good time at the festival and I will end the post with a big ‘thank you’ to Nicola for this unexpected opportunity to do some drawing!

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