August round-up

August was a very busy month for us – lots of summer visitors, and partying and Tagtooling of course. Now it is catch up time! We had several really good jam sessions in the studio so Dima had an opportunity to play as well as attending to all the technical set up.These photos are from a session with Christian Reiner. Dima planned to record and video the whole thing but unfortunately some gremlin had switched off the sound (I promise it wasn’t me!) so it was fortunate that my cousin Alan, who is a keen photographer, was staying with us and took these photos (hence the superior quality!).

There were more music and Tagtool sessions when Andreas Dzialocha came from Berlin for the weekend and on the Friday evening Sergey and his family visited us so the studio session consisted of three musicians and an audience as well! Dima and Andreas spent the whole of Saturday in the studio and in the evening I joined them for a Tagtool jam session. This time Dima did make some successful sound recordings and also a video of my Tagtooling. Unfortunately he hasn’t had time to edit it so for now I can only post these photos that I took (some a bit out of focus, as usual!)

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