Berg Orchestra Concert

Berg_birds_last_imageTagtool drawing at the Berg orchestra concert held in the Museum of Music in Prague on Monday 7 December. The concert opened with the first public performance of Slyšíš ty ptáky (You hear the birds), a new work for soprano and orchestra by the Czech composer Jana Vöröšová. Below is the text of Ivan Wernisch‘s poem.

Slyšíš ty ptáky             You hear the birds

Slyšíš, ti ptáci                You hear the birds
volají,                               calling,
jako by volali                 as if they were calling
tebe                                   you

Ne, mne ne                     No, not me
volají                                 they call
mé jméno,                       my name,
mne ne                             not me

Jak rád bych věděl,        I would love to know,
co znamená                     what means
mé jméno                         my name
v řeči ptáků                      in birds’ language

I made the practice drawings below at the rehearsal on Sunday.P1060970P1060993P1070005It was great to have this opportunity to hear the music and to try out ideas for drawing before the performance. The pierced wall and interior stairway of the museum made for a very interesting drawing surface but as Slyšíš ty ptáky was quite a short piece of music, (under 10 minutes long) I had to draw very quickly!

I was also asked to provide a visual accompaniment to the final piece in the programme, Giya Kancheli‘s ‘Midday Prayers’. For this music ( which was about 25 minutes long) I kept the drawing very slow and minimal, using mostly transparent layers, beginning in monochrome and only adding colour towards the end of the work when the boy soprano began to sing. For parts of the drawing Dima made some animation and fading for me, following the tempo of the music.  Below are some screenshots taken from his video camera.00004_0105800004_00721

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