Big Tagtool Weekend (part 3)

While Dima and Ilan, together with Itzi and the rest of the OMA International brigade set up all their equipment in the studio after breakfast on Saturday, I took some ‘time off’ to relax in the garden. Later on, when Supraplus was playing, I joined the company – and by then the studio had been transformed into a real jungle of cables, tripods, projectors and other electronic equipment!(Max from Supraplus – photo by Maki)
The Tagtoolers were all happily involved in deep technical discussions, plugging and unplugging cables and adjusting projectors. The talk was all about Modul8 and VVVV – completely above my head! I decided not to take any photos for the blog but instead just sat back, relaxed and surveyed the scene. Then Maki gave a presentation on behalf of OMA about current Tagtool developments. This was all very interesting and exciting – but again, most of it was too technical for me to be able to write about.In this photo Maki and Seppi are drawing using their iPads.
The big Saturday night jam session in the studio, using the set up with three Tagtools and projectors that can be seen in the photos below, began after dinner.There were several sessions of drawing and animation by Ilan, Maki, Itzi, Seppi and me – working at the Tagtoools in different combinations (with Ilan, another left-hander, able to use my big all-in-one when I wasn’t drawing – which was very convenient!)(Above, Eric with one of Maki’s iPad drawings – photo by Maki.)
All of these sessions were great fun and went on till very late, with Eric taking over from the band to provide the music to accompany our drawing. Although Dima and Seppi had their video cameras set up to capture the sessions this didn’t go quite according to plan – Dima’s camera overheated and switched itself off and Seppi’s card was soon full…..However, Dima says, ‘There will be some video’ – so maybe I will have it for my next posting! Meantime, here are some of my photos from what was a most enjoyable night of drawing.It had been a most enjoyable and interesting weekend of collaborative drawing – hard work but also a lot of fun!

NOTE: This event was made possible with financial support from the cultural promotion, “Wir sind Nachbarn” (we are neighbours) by “NÖ Landesakademie” (an institute of Lower Austria).

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