Drawing with Mutanti hledaj východisko

On Friday 10 June I was drawing at the Music Club Střelnice in Klatovy.01-P1070329I haven’t drawn at one of Mutanti’s concerts since last year and for this performance they had some new songs as well as music that I know well. At this venue there were all kinds of decorations, stairs and a railing to a second room behind the stage (not easy to draw over!) so Dima put up a white cloth behind the stage to make a ‘canvas’ for my drawings. After a 3 minute abstract sequence for the opening song, ‘Frequence’ the programme continued with a song about homeless people warming themselves around a brazier on the street…  02-P1070333.. cue for another 3 minute drawing. Most of Mutanti’s songs are about this length, which makes it quite difficult to draw something appropriate and recognisable and also to move from one scenario to another in so short a time. Below, an old favourite – the mutated animals…. 03-P1070344…and then a new song about a man who dug a hole in the road and kept on digging until the hole was so deep it reached to the centre of the earth.05-P107035906-P1070361The next sequence of images began with a short hip hop song and ended with the 10 minute long, ‘Discotheque’ – a song about a big black guy.07-P107037008-P107038209-P1070401Having a longer time meant that I could develop this drawing before fading it out….10-P1070406…then a quite different atmosphere with the girl on a swing for the song, ‘Uncle Honza’…11-P1070418.JPG…and morphing this drawing into an urban scene for the song, ‘Deti’.13-P1070428It was great to be back ‘on the road’ again and I really enjoyed this evening of drawing.  So – a big thanks to Jirka and Honza for the music and also to Dima for taking the photos!

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    […] as covering the whole of the wall behind them.Their programme contained most of the songs that they performed in June at at the Music Club Střelnice in Klatovy, but in a different order – on this occasion the song, ‘Chernobyl’ (above) was […]

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