Echofluxx Festival

Last Friday K.U.N.T.Z. performed the song cycle ‘Hexentiere’ at the Trafo Gallery in Prague – 7 songs representing animals associated with witchcraft.
FrogBecause this former power station where the Exhofluxx Festival was held has a very high ceiling, I was able to have a very much larger drawing area than was possible when we performed this work at mo.ë in Vienna. I had my Tagtool set up on the balcony opposite the stage from where I had a clear, unobstructed view of the whole hall and stage – great for drawing! Dima set up two cameras to video the performance, one on the balcony to focus on my drawing and the other downstairs in the hall to provide close ups of Jan and David playing. Unfortunately the battery in the camera on the balcony failed so although we have footage of the musicians, there are no shots of my drawings.
There is not much of my drawing of the animals to be seen in these screenshots of Jan and David but Dan Senn, the organiser of the festival, videoed all of the performances at the festival so perhaps I will be able to post some more images from this event later.

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