First Drawing Experiments with Tagtool

When we got the projector hooked up I  had a few sessions testing out all the various sliders and the operation of the game pad.

The colours at full saturation on the big screen are really eye-poppingly brilliant! I spent ages just making rainbow squiggles,  stripes and circles, then pressing the release button,  spinning them, altering the scale and bringing different parts of the drawing to the front or behind.  But apart from all this intense colour, the subtlety of tonal variation that is possible using the plus white and plus black sliders is really amazing.   I did some black and white drawings too, exploiting the full range of the line thickness tool which, combined with the pressure sensivity of the Wacom pen, allows you to do everything from covering the whole screen with a few really thick strokes to making the finest of lines.  I  took a few screenshots of these experiments to my memorystick using the release buttons on the game pad but these were rather distorted and I got much better results by taking digital photos from the projected images.

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  • Reply iink January 21, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    Starting with a black page, most often leads into some “Negative Drawing” –

    Here is some quick web search about that old technique.–draw-grass.htm

    Have u got a picture of your Tagtool Mini for our Blog?

    Keep on what you are doing!
    greetz from vienna,

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