First Rehearsal using Dualhead2go

This is the first time that we have used our new Tagtool set up and performance corner so I thought I’d post this video of part of the rehearsal (It ends abruptly because Dima had forgotten to switch off his mobile and it went off suddenly!)

The two projectors and the Dualhead2go give a huge drawing area – which is great! The only limitation (which I think is quite interesting and no bad thing to have to work with) is that at the moment Dima has the Tagtool set up in such a way that when you draw on the Wacom pad there are 3 overlapping screens to make up the whole image (ie if you want to draw on the left side of the picture you have to press ‘1’ on the computer, ‘2’ gives you the central area and ‘3’ the right side). This means that it is not possible to make a continuous pen stroke across the whole drawing area from side to side (but of course vertical strokes are fine) and I still have to get used to clicking the screen number on the computer quickly when I want to change the area I’m drawing on as well as operating the Tagtool – but it’s not much of a problem really.
We are having a big Tagtool crew here next weekend – so I’m hoping to be able to post some mega-jam sessions using our new set up quite soon!

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