Exhibition ‘Grande Finale’ at Veletržní palác, Prague

We did another Tagtool performance last Saturday at the closing party for the exhibition,’Utopia on the Abyss’ at the National Gallery in Prague. This time, as in our first performance at the opening of the exhibition, I drew on the installation in the main space while our friend from Vienna, the artist and musician Jan Linke (aka Chann), drew on the gallery window that I had painted with ‘Coolglass’ greenhouse shading paint for our performance on 22 September. Here are some photos of Jan’s work, as seen from inside the gallery and from outside.Dima also took this close up shot of the figure that appeared in Jan’s final image.As well as documenting Jan’s Tagtool drawing, during the course of the evening Dima also took lots of photos of my work. Here is a selection.As usual, a number of people in the audience who hadn’t seen the Tagtool before showed a great interest in it and wanted to know all about it and how it worked.

The evening ended with a short sequence where sculptor and performance artist Tobi Möhring and Paul ter Veld added to my initial drawing. We handed the pen back and forward to each other to make this little impromptu ‘Tagtool conversation’ – great fun and a really nice end to the evening’s drawing!

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